Catoosa Pooper Scooper Services

Scoop Soldiers is here to leave your yard pristine with our unmatched Catoosa pooper scooper services — so be at ease, soldier!

Dependable and affordable

The dream of having a lush, green yard free of Fido’s landmines is not only real, but economical, too! Visits start at just $10.99 and include services for up to four dogs. Our top-rated Catoosa pooper scooper company covers all areas of the yard, including flower beds and porches and all waste is hauled away, leaving your trash cans feces-free.

Once our Catoosa pooper scooper services are complete, we leave a note at your door so you can rest assured the mission was a success.

Welcome to a cleaner home

Eliminate the sight, smell and germs associated with pet waste with our outstanding pooper scooper services in Catoosa OK. Unsightly pet deposits contain bacteria and germs that can be harmful to your pets and family, but our pooper scooper company in Catoosa OK uses sanitized equipment and works hard to remove any residual waste. Poop can be serious business, and we take our work and your safety seriously.

More time for what matters

You can truly enjoy time with your family, guests and pets with the waste out of sight and mind when we check this unpleasant chore off your list. Take full advantage of the outdoors by hosting a cookout or just playing a game of catch with the kids, free of worry that someone will step in something nasty and ruin the fun.

Our pooper scooper company in Catoosa OK offers a variety of frequency options for cleanup, from multiple visits per week to a one-time cleaning for a special event.

The highly-trained waste removal specialists in this Catoosa pooper scooper company care about a job well done as much as they do about the dogs they get to meet on the job! Get in touch with us today and see first-hand why our Catoosa pooper scooper services are such a wonderful value.