Coweta OK Pet Waste Removal

If you love having a dog, but hate the effect that waste has on your plants and yard, you need Coweta OK pet waste removal. As the weather starts changing, and the days get longer, most of us can’t wait to get out in the flower beds. There’s nothing worse than seeing all of your hard work go to waste because your dog’s waste ruined your flowers. That’s why you need a Coweta OK pet pooper scooper.

How can dog waste ruin flowers?

Contrary to popular belief, animal waste from pets does not make a good fertilizer. Reason being, animals that eat meat, which contain other animal proteins, tend to have a higher acid level in their waste.

This means that if you don’t have pet waste removal in Coweta OK, your grass, along with any plants you have in your yard, could be exposed to harmful levels of acid.

What happens to dog waste that isn’t scooped?

Without Coweta OK pet waste removal, the dog waste can sit on the topsoil for 365 days. That’s one full year that the poop is just laying around.

Another common myth is that the natural decomposition process will get rid of any harmful bacteria from dog waste. This is not true. Without a pooper scooper in Coweta OK, all of the bacteria from dog waste will seep into the ground, contaminating the watersheds that lie beneath the earth, leading to local waterways.

A single gram of pet waste is said to contain 23 million fecal bacteria. Without proper disposal by Coweta OK pet pooper scooper, that bacteria could find its way into your water.

The bottom line is that if you want to be able to enjoy your pet, and your yard, you need to hire Scoop Soldiers as your Coweta OK pet waste removal company. Getting a free quote has never been easier. Call or submit the form above and we promise to respond quickly.