Coweta Pooper Scooper Services

Dog poop on your property isn’t going away on its own, so now is the time to find Coweta pooper scooper services. As the showers of spring give way to the sunshine of summer, the desire for you and your family to get outside will be on the rise.

Toss away the concern of your yard being unsanitary for your children by hiring Scoop Soldiers as your Coweta pooper scooper company.

Why not just leave the poop where it falls?

Besides being smelly, dog waste has several factors that make it harmful for it to lay around. That’s why finding pooper scooper services in Coweta OK can be the determining factor on how much fun is had in your yard. Here are some facts about dog poop you may not realize:

  • Pet waste can sometimes take up to a full year before it is fully broken down. This means that for 365 days, it sits there rotting in your yard.
  • Dog waste can attract unwanted pests into your yard. This means that, without Coweta pooper scooper services, flies, millipedes, rats and even parasitic worms will set up shop in your backyard.
  • Coming into contact with dog waste can transfer many diseases to humans. Since dogs are considered carriers of the Parvo Virus and worms, diseases like salmonella and Giardia can be given to humans just by their skin touching the poop.

By using Scoop Soldiers as your Coweta pooper scooper company, you will eliminate any concern of your family member or pets getting diseases from the dog waste left behind.

As a leading pooper scooper company in Coweta OK, we specialize in making weekly or one-time visits to your property to sanitize every inch of your yard, as well as any sidewalks or porches where there may be poop. Regardless of the amount of waste in your yard, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the end result.

Nobody wants to choose between their pets or family’s convenience. Now, you don’t have to. Finding Coweta pooper scooper services has never been easier. Call or fill out our form online to get a free estimate.