Glenpool OK Pooper Scooper Service

Never before has there been a Glenpool OK pooper scooper service like Scoop Soldiers. Founded on the principle of “leave no mound behind,” we make quick work of any mess your four-legged friend leaves behind. If you find yourself too pooped to scoop, call us for your Glenpool OK dog poop clean up.

You care about your yard as much as you do your pet. Why hesitate to call the premier pooper scooper service Glenpool OK? Every day that goes by, more and more mounds are building up and ruining your yard. Here are a few ways dog poop can mess up your yard:

  • Dog waste is acidic: Because of the high concentration of animal protein in your dog’s diet, their waste kills grass and other plants instead of fertilizing it.
  • Bacteria: Without a Glenpool OK poop clean up service, the bacteria will leak through the soil and into the water system.
  • Flies and other pests: Naturally, flies and other pests are drawn to the smell of dog waste.

Glenpool OK dog poop clean up can prevent your lawn from being burnt by the acidic waste. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a lawn mower will help; it will only break the waste into smaller pieces, making it impossible to remove.

What if I have multiple dogs?

Good question! Our Glenpool OK pooper scooper service can be changed to fit whatever needs, or how many dogs, you may have. Our plans start at $9.99 per visit. If you have more than four, give us a call and let us customize a plan for you.

Do I need to put my dogs up?

We love dogs as much as you. The Glenpool OK pooper scooper that comes to your home will ensure your dog(s) stay exactly where you left them and will secure the lock once they are done.

Regardless of your yard or how many pets call your yard home, we want to help you keep your property looking pristine. Make us your Glenpool OK pooper scooper service today by calling or submitting the online form. It only takes a few minutes to be our next client.