Glenpool Pooper Scooper Services

To avoid any unwanted dog waste being tracked into your home, you need Glenpool pooper scooper services by Scoop Soldiers. Specializing in the removal of dog waste, we pride ourselves in leaving you a clean, worry-free yard every time we visit. There’s no ifs, ands or “butts” about it; We are the leading Glenpool pooper scooper company.

Why hire our Glenpool pooper scooper company?

You would be hard pressed to find other Glenpool pooper scooper services as dedicated to the art of dog waste removal as you will find here at Scoop Soldiers. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why our pooper scooper services in Glenpool OK are:

  • Safe: We at Scoop Soldiers not only use sanitized equipment, but we will clean and sanitize your yard, removing any harmful bacteria that may have collected on your property.
  • Dependable: Our scoopers will always show up as scheduled and won’t leave until they are sure your yard is clean.
  • Detailed: We check every square inch of your property for dog waste. We will even check on sidewalks and porches, removing any trace of unsightly piles.

Furthermore, we leave no dog waste behind. When we pick it up from your yard, we will dispose of it off site, meaning we won’t leave the stinky mess in your garbage cans.

Is there a contract?

When you choose Scoop Soldiers as your pooper scooper company in Glenpool OK, you will never be forced into a long-term contract. You can use us multiple times a week or whenever you need a good cleaning. Regardless, we give the same professional service.

We want you to become our satisfied client! We’ve made it easier than ever to sign up. Simply call or submit your information on our form to get a fast free quote. See why our clients love our Glenpool pooper scooper services.