Jenks Dog Poop Scooper

There is a reason (more like several reasons) that pet owners put off the unwanted chore of picking up dog poop from their yards, but with a professional Jenks dog poop scooper service, you can forget about it completely.

Scoop Soldiers is a leading poop scooper company in Jenks OK that shoulders this responsibility for pet owners and commercial property managers. We make your dog’s business our business. Our crews diligently walk your property, remove each pile of dog waste and haul it away with us.

With our dog poop scooper service in Jenks, you are left with a property that is completely free of dog poop and the germs, bacteria, bugs and smell that come with it.

Why turn to our Jenks scooper service?

It’s no mystery — this specific chore is an undesirable one for a number of reasons.

  • For starters, it takes up a lot of your time. To truly maintain a sanitary property, you need to get out and remove waste on a weekly basis. Most people don’t have that kind of free time, but our Jenks dog poop scooper service can cover you.
  • Picking up dog poop is also disgusting and unsanitary — it exposes you to germs and bacteria. You need to have the right tools and safety equipment in place to protect yourself.
  • It’s also pretty labor intensive. Our poop scooper company in Jenks OK is proud to work with pet owners that aren’t very mobile and simply cannot take on this task themselves.

There are many reasons to skip this important chore. But, instead of forgetting about the poop on your lawn and hoping it goes away on its own, call in our Jenks dog poop scooper service. We will make sure it is cleaned up the right way so that your property is sanitary, clean and useable.