Jenks Dog Waste Removal

If you have more dogs than you can clean up after, you need Jenks dog waste removal. No matter how many dogs you have, we at Scoop Soldiers can customize a plan to fit your needs. You shouldn’t be limited on how any dogs you have. Give our dog waste removal company in Jenks a try. All we ask if that if you have more than four furry pals, give us a call and we can work up a custom quote for you.

Whether you are wanting to clean up for a family gathering or would like weekly visits to maintain your yard, our dog waste service in Jenks is the one for you. With plans starting as low as 10 bucks per visit, we guarantee we can take care of your yard.

Do your children usually scoop it?

By using us as your dog waste service in Jenks, you no longer have to listen to your children argue over whose turn it is to scoop the poop. This will surely free up more of their time to take care of other chores.

What are our requirements?

If there’s a dog that poops, our Jenks dog waste removal scoopers we will come and clean it. Whether it’s your personal home or a commercial property, such as an apartment complex or dog park, our dog waste removal in Jenks will take care of it.

We do ask that you keep your yard neatly trimmed, meaning have it mowed and clear the leaves off so we can find the piles of poop. After all, if we can’t see it, we can’t clean it. It would be best, however, if we cleaned before you mowed. This way the waste isn’t broken into small pieces.

We take our job seriously. We scoop it so you don’t have it. Sign up for our Jenks dog waste removal by calling us or putting your information in the form above. One of our team members will get back with you quickly with a free quote.