Jenks OK Pet Waste Removal

Get control of your yard with Scoop Soldiers and our Jenks OK pet waste removal. After all, why have a yard if you aren’t able to enjoy it because of dog poop laying everywhere? Not to mention what your neighbors think when they look at those steaming piles covering your yard. Let Scoop Soldiers, the leading Jenks OK pet pooper scooper, save your yard.

Is there anything worse than stepping into your house just moments before that all too familiar smell hits your nose? It happens to the best of us, sure, but you can keep it from happening to you by getting pet waste removal in Jenks OK.

No more germs and bacteria to spread

Just one gram of dog waste has nearly 23 million bacteria particles. That means every time you step in it and bring it inside, that bacteria is exposed to your home. Not to mention the pests that dog poop attracts:

  • Flies
  • Maggots
  • Worms
  • Rats

With our Jenks OK pet waste removal, you can keep all of these unwanted critters out of your yard, and house.

Dog waste doesn’t just go away

Without a pooper scooper in Jenks OK picking it up, dog poop can take up to a year before it is fully broken down into organic components. That means that through the rain and snow, it still stinks why killing your grass and exposing your family to harmful bacteria.

Have a Jenks OK pet pooper scooper come to your house today. Whether you are wanting weekly visits or a one-time cleanup, we can fit a plan to your needs. There’s no need to allow these harmful elements into you home anymore.

Call or click today to make us your company for Jenks OK pet waste removal. One of our friendly team members will get you a free estimate fast and get a team of scoopers to your yard.