Jenks OK Pooper Scooper Service

Our professional Jenks OK pooper scooper service can prepare your yard or property for your next event. Why take time away from planning that next family get together to clean up the dog waste? Hire Scoop Soldiers now for your Jenks OK dog poop clean up.

We are willing and able to tackle your Jenks OK poop clean up quickly and reliably, without you having to get your hands dirty. Once we have cleaned your yard, we can keep it that way with our pooper scooper service in Jenks OK. Whether you need once-a-week visits or multiple times a week, we can be your go-to Jenks OK pooper scooper.

When you hire us as your Jenks OK pooper scooper service, you can rid yourself of:

  • Disgusting mounds of poop: Who enjoys looking out the back door and seeing all of those nasty, smelly mounds of poop your dog leaves? Our Jenks OK dog poop clean up crew can remove these from your property, leaving you with a yard you can be proud of once again.
  • Disease/germs: Dog poop contains huge amounts of germs and diseases that can be harmful to humans and their pets. By using our Jenks OK pooper scooper service, we can haul off those mounds, and sanitize every surface where the poop was, leaving you with germ and disease free yard.
  • Dead grass: Because of the high levels of animal protein in your dog’s diet, their waste is high with acid, making it harmful to any plant life it touches. That’s why you see dead grass where the mounds are.

It’s not too late to tame your yard before your family arrives. Make us your Jenks OK pooper scooper service today and become the envy of all of your family and neighbors during your next get together. We’ve made it easy; call us or fill out the online form on our website to get a free quote.