Jenks Poop Scooping Service

Scoop Soldiers is a Jenks poop scooping service company that has a dedicated, upbeat staff of poop scoopers. These are the men and women that make our pet waste removal services so effective.

That’s because, at our Jenks scooping company, we go out of our way to find scoopers that are passionate about this line of work. It might sound funny talking about being passionate about picking up dog poop, but at the end of the day, this is an important service that benefits both pet owners and their pets alike.

About the staff of our poop scooping service company in Jenks

When you work with Scoop Soldiers for poop scooping in Jenks OK, you get the benefit of working with men and women that are:

  • Passionate about dogs: We love dogs – just like you! We also know that they can be a handful. We want to minimize the chores associated with pet ownership, starting with the most unwanted chore of them all! The members of our Jenks poop scooping service company don’t mind working while your pet roams free, either.
  • Careful and thorough: Our motto isn’t “Leave no mound behind,” for no reason. We deliver on this promise with Jenks scooping company staff members that are careful to locate and remove every pile of poop.
  • Professional: Employees for other companies might roll up to your home in an unmarked, beat-up pickup truck while some college kids jump out to remove the waste from your yard. With Scoop Soldiers, our staff takes a professional approach to the job, including on-time arrival, uniformed staff members, and company-marked trucks.

Does this sound like someone you would trust to handle this important chore for you? Hundreds of other clients have already placed their trust in our team already.

Get ahold of our Jenks poop scooping service company and gain the benefit of a team that is dedicated to your satisfaction.