Kiefer Pet Waste Removal

It’s that time of the year again for weddings and other events and, if you have a dog, you need Kiefer OK pet waste removal. Nobody wants their family to visit a yard full of dog waste and, with Scoop Soldiers, they don’t have to.

As the leading provider for Kiefer pet waste removal services, we can rid your yard of those unattractive mounds, leaving you with more time to plan your event. Nothing says welcome about your family than a clean, dog poop free yard.

Our professional scoopers will scour every inch of your yard in search of the figurative “land mines” your dog left behind. Here is how we have become the leader in pet waste removal in Kiefer OK:

  • Uniformed: You won’t have to guess if the person in your yard is with us. Our Kiefer OK pet waste removal scoopers, as well as our vehicles, will be properly identified.
  • Sanitize: Not only will we clean the dog mounds from your yard, but when you use us as your pet waste removal company in Kiefer, we will sanitize wherever the waste touched. This includes all flowerbeds and porches.
  • Disposal: Unlike other companies, we will never throw the dog waste into your garbage cans. We will dispose of it off site, ridding you of the sight and smell.

When you allow us to work for your with our Kiefer pet waste removal services, we will let you know we have been there by leaving a notice on your door before securing your property just as you left it. We want to make your yard become the envy of your neighbors and family when they visit.

We have the passion and tools for thorough Kiefer OK pet waste removal and we want to make you our next client. Call us today to set up your appointment; your furry family will love you for it.