Kiefer Pooper Scooper Services

When you use Scoop Soldiers for your Kiefer pooper scooper services, you can rest assured you are getting the best scoopers possible. Since forming in 2010, we have hired an outstanding team of scoopers whose soul desire is to rid the world of dormant dog waste.

That’s why we have become the leading pooper scooper company in Kiefer OK.

We only employ the best scoopers

We are the best simply because we hire the best. Every person who works for our Kiefer pooper scooper company has passed an extensive background check. After all, you don’t want just anybody walking onto your property.

Also, our scoopers love dogs just as much as you do. When you hire us for your pooper scooper services in Kiefer OK, there’s no need to worry about your dog. We will treat them with respect, even if they are in the yard during your cleanup.

Scoop Soldiers is fully insured

While you employ us for your Kiefer pooper scooper services, you can be assured that we are fully insured against any damage or loss that may occur. Know, though, we will work to ensure nothing happens under our care.

Got a big lot? No problem!

This is where we distance ourselves from any other Kiefer pooper scooper company. No matter the size of your yard, we will not charge you extra. Our price list is displayed on our website.

When you use Scoop Soldiers, you are not only getting a scooping service; you are getting a team of dog lovers who desire nothing less than ridding your yard of dog waste.

Sure, there are other Kiefer pooper scooper services to choose from, but why settle for second best? It’s never been easier to sign up; simply call or submit your information online to get your free customized quote today and say goodbye to cleaning dog poop.