Leonard Pooper Scooper Services

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers and our Leonard pooper scooper services. We invite you to learn more about our company and the valuable service that we provide for residential and commercial clients throughout the local community.

Here at Scoop Soldiers, our Leonard pooper scooper company is dedicated to helping pet owners and pet-friendly commercial property managers maintain safe, clean, sanitary properties for both people and their pets.

This is not possible when pet waste is strewn about the area. Pet waste is loaded with germs, bacteria and diseases. It attracts unsavory pests like worms, flies, maggots and more while killing grass and potentially serving as an environmental hazard. With our pooper scooper services in Leonard OK, this multi-pronged problem can be fixed.

How we work to provide a solution

Much of the reason that people put off picking up after their dogs is because they don’t have enough time in their week. Scoop Soldiers and our pooper scooper company in Leonard OK want to make sure that, even though you don’t always have the time, that this important chore gets done.

Our Leonard pooper scooper services can be scheduled on an ongoing basis. Our clients receive visits from our scoopers up to three times a week. We offer service that is delivered twice a week, once a week, bi-weekly and we also offer a one-time cleaning service.

Our Leonard pooper scooper company does not make you to commit to one of these options — in fact, we don’t require a long-term agreement or contract of any kind. You can change your service in order to keep up with the changing needs of your property.

Contact Scoop Soldiers for more information

Our pooper scooper company in Leonard OK can provide you with a free quote. Simply reach out to our team or submit your information online. This is a no-obligation quote that will show you how affordable our service really is.

Thank you for choosing Scoop Soldiers. We look forward to serving you with our Leonard pooper scooper services.