Valley Park Pet Waste Removal

At Poop Troops — the leading Valley Park OK pet waste removal service — we believe that your lawn should be free from those messy landmines left behind by your pets. Your family and friends shouldn’t have to watch their step every time they walk out of the house.

Every homeowner should have a way to clear the mess regularly and effectively. It doesn’t have to accumulate to the point that it becomes an embarrassing mess on your property.

Welcome to Poop Troops

At Poop Troops, we have the solution. Through our Valley Park pet waste removal services, we’ll remove pet waste effectively. Your yard will be as clean as you’ve always pictured it could be. Our professional staff is highly trained and experienced, which is why we are still the best when it comes to Valley Park OK pet waste removal service.

Tailored pet waste removal in Valley Park OK

We have different packages to suit our client’s varying needs. We offer a one-time clean up Valley Park pet waste removal service, as well. We can provide weekly services where we’ll make several visits at very competitive rate. We also have a monthly package and we’ll come to your premises once every two weeks, when needed.

The most affordable pet waste removal on the market

At this point, you probably think that you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets. Like some, you believe this is a service for the rich and wealthy. Nothing can be further from the truth. We have the most affordable rates compared to any other comparable pet waste removal company in Valley Park.

Plus, you can track your payments conveniently through our online billing system. We also offer 100 percent satisfaction guarantee service to protect your investment.

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Are you ready for a cleaner and “landmine” free lawn? No other company in the region can match our Valley Park OK pet waste removal service. We offer the best value for your money, period. Feel free to fill our online form for a quote. Or you could call our friendly staff now if you have any questions or concerns.