With Spring Arriving, so Should Scoop Soldiers

Let’s face it… picking up after your dog after every walk isn’t the most enjoyable task. Don’t even get us started on how much worse it is during those cold winter months! You want to run back inside and warm up as fast as you can. Bending over with a poop bag in hand only adds to shivering time. With spring approaching, the weather will soon improve, but who wants to spend sunny days picking up after your dog? If you haven’t tried Scoop Soldiers yet, now is definitely the time to call us. Here’s why…

  1. Increase in Outdoor Activities

After staying cooped up during the winter months, people and kids are more inclined to soak up the warm sun and start heading outside in their free time. Whether wearing shoes or going barefoot, the last thing someone wants is to step in a fresh pile of your dog’s you-know-what on their walk around the neighborhood. With Scoop Soldiers, we’ll make sure no “pile” gets left behind for someone to step in.

  1. Water Pollution

If you think about it, poop isn’t going to just disappear from where it was left. Rainwater and sprinkler systems will carry it directly into our waterways, polluting the water we drink. This can lead to giardia, salmonella and E. Coli. Scoop Soldiers understands this community need to keep our water pure and wants to help you out.

  1. Disease Control

Wonder why all those flies are staying on that one section of your yard? It’s because flies are the first indicator of decomposition, and you guessed it; it’s probably a pile of poop they are surrounding. Unfortunately, those flies land on so many other things throughout their life, including some things you touch.  Through this, they are transmitting the harmful bacteria left by your pup. Leave it to Scoop Soldiers taking care of that fly problem for you.

Springtime doesn’t just bring April showers and May flowers. It also brings sunshine and warmth that make us, and our dogs, want to live outside. With new outdoor adventures come responsibilities we seem to have neglected during the winter months. Scoop Soldiers can be an addition to your daily routine without changing routine. Give us a call today for an effortlessly cleaner (and happier) neighborhood.

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